exhibition photos
13 May 2013:
Thrilled to see Nation Estate win the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at Oberhausen last week.
5 June 2013:
Black and Blue: A Mediterranean Dream just opened at the MuCEM in Marseille last night.
16 August 2013:
Next week Nation Estate will be showing at the São Paulo International Short Film Festival and the Sarajevo Film Festival.
3 September 2013:
My solo exhibition Science Faction will open Monday 9 September at Lawrie Shabibi in Dubai.
9 October 2013:
This month, Nation Estate will be showing at Filmini in Sofia, the Mediterranean Film Festival in Montpellier, Boston Palestine Film Festival and the Film Festival in Osnabrück.
25 November 2013:
The Afrofuturist exhibition The Shadows Took Shape just opened at the Studio Museum in Harlem.
16 January 2014:
Very excited to see Nation Estate take part in the upcoming Transmediale in Berlin, starting next week.
13 March 2014:
The exhibition How Green Was My Valley is now showing at White Box in NYC.
8 April 2014:
Science Fiction: New Death recently opened at Fact in Liverpool.
27 May 2014:
Very excited to see my Nation Estate exhibition open at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.
18 September 2014:
The exhibition 20XX: Relics opens at Pilot Gallery in Istanbul today.
25 October 2014:
The Moving Museum Exhibition opens this Tuesday in Istanbul.
18 November 2014:
Nation Estate is currently showing as part of The Sensory War 1914-2014 at Manchester Art Gallery.